FC Diez Media

Bringing South American club football to the world

FC Diez Media

FC Diez Media is a global media strategy and sponsorship group created in partnership with IMG.

Formed to evolve and expand the commercial opportunities of CONMEBOL’s club competitions, FC Diez Media is responsible for everything from game management and sponsorship to media rights and digital communications.


  • Joint venture between Perform and IMG
  • Multi-year agreement
  • The competitions in our focus include:
    • Copa Libertadores
    • Copa Sudamericana
    • Copa Recopa
    • Copa Libertadores Womens
    • Copa Libertadores Futsal
    • Additional tournaments


We provide the most comprehensive strategy for all commercial aspects for South American football

Partnership services include:

  • Sale of global media rights
  • Sponsorship and licensing
  • Digital growth strategy
  • Consultancy on the growth and development of competitions