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Conceived in 1886, sporting news offers a trusted perspective on multiple sports through cutting edge digital story-telling on all major platforms.

Sporting News

Sporting News is a national sports media company providing insightful no nonsense multi-channel content.  Through our distinctive and dynamic coverage we offer unparalleled sports solutions to over 60M fans on a monthly basis.  Our advertisers are integrated in a native, organic way that benefits both our product offering and the advertiser’s objective.

We look to enhance our audiences’ love of sport and add value to their conversations in a meaningful, unique way.

Key facts

  • Sporting News Media & Fox Sports Digital partnership tethers SNM’s editorial and video leadership to Fox Sports’ platform for breaking sports news, reaching over 60M monthly fans
  • Market leader in creating, distributing and monetising premium sports media content for US and Canadian digital audiences, reaching over 30M sports fans each month
  • Sporting News ePlayer is the US and Canada’s leading digital video platform, helping brands engage with over 25M sports fans per month


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