US Supreme Court overturns federal sports betting ban

Posted on 14.05.2018

At Perform Group, we welcome the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992 and allow New Jersey and other states the opportunity to enact laws that will allow sports betting in the US.

Perform Content CEO, Ross MacEacharn, has been following the process closely and believes that a properly regulated US betting market works for all parties involved; sports fans, rights holders and betting operators.

Commenting on the decision, Ross said: “It’s a great day for all stakeholders in the sports industry. This decision gives fans new ways to engage with and enjoy their favourite sports. For betting operators and rights holders, it presents a unique opportunity to build an efficient, properly regulated betting market from the ground up and design a model for what 21st century betting should be. We look forward to working closely with our rights holder partners, legislators, regulators and clients to shape the reality of a safe, engaging sports betting environment.”

Perform Group’s views are derived from our unique position in the sports industry. Our extensive and global digital operations as broadcaster, B2B content distributor and D2C publisher, give us insight into the range of rights holders needs and priorities, those of betting operators and the habits and trends of sports content consumers, be they sports fans, bettors, or both. We have been operating at the interface of rights holders and the betting industry for over a decade by providing high-quality content that allows all stakeholders to make informed decisions. Perform operates the Integrity division of its business as a non-profit as it believes the credibility of betting and sport are inextricably linked and need to be protected for their long-term development.