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User Support
Please run the Bandwidth Test then press 'print screen' on your keyboard, and then paste the screengrab (ctr+v) into an email and send back to us. This will help us identify your issue.
Bandwidth Test
Broadband download / upload speed test, please click 'start'
Port Checker
Check your machines ports to see if any are blocked
Flash & Windows Media Player Versions
CPU Details / ISP IP
Edgeserver IP Locator
DNS Lookup
REFERENCES 'Bandwidth test' Powered by Broadband Speed Checker. 'Port Checker' created by Jake Hilton. 'CPU Details' powered by Find IP Address and 'Flash & Windows Media Player Versions' by Perfrom Group. 'Edgeserver IP Locator' referencing Akamai Edge Server. 'DNS Lookup' by