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Official ball-by-ball cricket data, within 1 second

Official data partners to the following cricket federations:

Incident feed / fast alerts for trading floors

Fast alerts indicating that a critical event could occur, to reduce trading risk and create entertaining live betting experiences for your customers:

  • Ball in progress
  • Boundary alert
  • Wicket alert
  • Suspend betting y/n
  • Attacking/defensive/neutral field; ball movement; player suspensions; bowler or batsman appear to be injured
  • Powerplay; Free hit
  • Weather; Light

Live visualisation: The perfect customer companion

Product benefits:

  • Critical betting insight to entertain bettors and keep them on site longer
  • Lifelike animation captures the tension for your customers to add excitement to their bet story: will the next ball be a wicket, a dot ball or a scoring shot?
  • Fast and accurate animation of ball line and length, shot type and location of shot
  • Key betting stats including scores from last 18 deliveries to drive ball-by-ball or next over bet placement

All new for season 2017/18:

  • Addition of official New Zealand cricket rights brings total to nearly 2,000 days of fast cricket data per year, across every form of the game
  • Significant technical improvements made in 2017 to improve quality and speed and overcome venue connectivity issues
  • Now fully integrated with RunningBall to deliver fast feeds and alerts from venue for 91% of matches

Coverage across international and domestic cricket:

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