Editorial & Video

Engage consumers, support marketing activation and drive online traffic with high quality betting-focused content.

Engage and retain your customers with rich, compelling, betting-focused content.

Fully-produced video content available for more than 25 global sports.

Our video production team create over 11,000, multi-lingual video pieces every year, including data-enhanced videos powered by Opta. This content is used by bookmakers to drive traffic, engage with online audiences and encourage betting activity.

  • Fully-produced and ready to integrate across your digital platforms
  • Short-form video content that is up-to-date, informative and focused on the major sporting stories
  • Available across all major global sports with a focus on sports biggest names, teams and events that your audiences want to watch
  • Unique, betting-focused, data-driven video products available


Compelling editorial that is proven to engage, drive traffic and encourage bet placement.

powered by   opta

Our global network of 400 journalists create over 42,000 multi-language, ready-to-publish articles every year across multiple global sports. That content is written and distributed 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and includes…

  • Breaking sports news
  • Event previews and reviews
  • Data-driven editorial solutions produced by our leading data-editorial team
  • Interviews and exclusive content
  • Live text commentaries from thousands of sporting events
  • Live Blogs powered by incredible Opta data, amazing video and the best social content