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Fantasy, gaming and social mean today’s fans support players, not just teams.

Today’s fan cares about more than just 2.5 goals…there is a new thrill from shots, assists, every pass and tackle.

How can you take advantage of this opportunity and provide the pre-match, in-play and request-a-bet betting experience your audiences are demanding?


is the trusted, universal language of sport.

Recording every single detail of the game, supplying deep player and team data for 16 sports and hundreds of global leagues and competitions.

We are the world’s best known sports data supplier, trusted by 1,000+ clients, across 40+ countries.

Opta Betting package

designed to revolutionise pre-match and in-play team and player performance betting:

Deep Historical Data

Modelling, price creation, front-end displays

Pre-match front-end stats

Inform and engage your customers before placing pre-match bets

Live stats

Enable customers to track their bet through immersive front-end visualisations

Live trading feed

Deliver automated trading and settlement

Live stats monitor

Manually trade and settle markets efficiently and effectively

Available for C.3,500 matches per year across the major European Club Competitions and International Competitions.

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