KPMG and Opta create valuable partnership to launch new player valuation analytics tool

Posted 05.09.2018

New player valuation analytics tool launches, as KPMG Football Benchmark and sports data company Opta create valuable industry partnership.

The summer transfer window has come to an end and brought, as always, its share of surprises and telling insights, among those the traditional discussion around players´ transfer fees.

Players are generally the most valuable asset of a football club and often the main (intangible) assets on clubs´ balance sheets. Furthermore, as player trading activities can play a significant role in the business model of football clubs, the acquisition or sale of talents place a significant weight on the financial sustainability of these organisations. The player valuation tool uses an extensive pool of Opta data to analyse player performance, a key element when establishing player values. This will allow stakeholders within the football industry to gain a greater understanding of what comprises a player’s value.

After months of research, KPMG announced today the release of their Football Benchmark Player Valuation Tool, a digital platform – based on proprietary algorithms and consistent modelling approach – providing estimations of the market value of the world´s most sought-after football talents with the ultimate goal of fostering a more informed decision-making process when acquiring and disposing of football players.

The launch of this new tool, powered by Microsoft’s latest technology, also kicks-off a new strategic collaboration with Opta and further strengthens Football Benchmark’s position as the primary source of football industry insight and knowledge. The tool also accounts for a range of features including market values, performance metrics, player comparisons and an analysis of the drivers in market values to assist industry stakeholders better understand the subject of player values.


Andrea Sartori, Global Head of Sports at KPMG, said:
“Leveraging the wide range and accuracy of Opta´s performance data, we aim to continue supporting the executive decision makers with a more sophisticated approach around the valuation of football players. In a quickly changing business environment, this topic has a significant impact on football clubs´ sporting performance and financial sustainability. The addition of the new Player Valuation dashboard to KPMG’s Football Benchmark platform demonstrates our commitment to deliver significant value and improve data democratization in the Football industry.”

Andrew Cox, Managing Director at Opta – Perform Group, also commented:
“KPMG’s Player Valuation Platform is an innovative new industry tool that Opta are delighted to have been chosen to support. We’ve worked closely with the team at KPMG to assist them as they look to help clubs better understand the financial impact of signings, with detailed Opta data bringing an objective view of player performances – an essential consideration in player recruitment. We look forward to continuing our partnership with KPMG in their work to democratize data in the football industry.”

Found out more about Opta’s collaboration with KPMG to help launch their player valuation tool here.